The moon has always been a symbol of the fantastic and the unknowable to me. Shining in the void of the night sky, it balances the black mirror of the night sea, pulling the tides in its endless rhythm from time immemorial, moving the life-blood of the earth as our hearts move the water in our blood. From the smallest organism to the tallest tree, water connects us to the pattern of all life, crossing boundaries of the physical and the metaphysical in its eternal journey from the highest clouds to the bottoms of the oceans and everywhere in between.

This piece won Best in Show in the Cowichan Valley Arts Council's Fine Arts Show in 2022

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"Tranquil Storm"

This piece was created for Coast Collective's "Head in the Clouds" show. It explores the search for peace in a chaotic world, and reminds us that though we may feel we  hang on a precipice over rough waters, our strong roots will help us remain stable to see us through and we will be stronger once the storm has passed.

"Blended Realities"

The way we perceive reality has long been known to provide us with an incomplete picture of the world. We perceive through a variety of filters that allow us to make sense of the world around us, yet this is only one of many ways of perceiving reality. This piece employs the blending of familiar natural objects and phenomena with abstract elements to point to an alternative way of seeing and understanding the world as we move through time and space.


This piece is an exploration of how we perceive the natural and our places in it. We tend to view certain things as natural and others as unnatural, but how can that be when everything comes from nature, and everything we create is made using our understanding of the world around us. We might see the artificial in the arrangement of shapes in this piece and nature in the twisting of the roots, yet what appears chaotic to us has an underlying pattern that we can't always perceive, and what appears ordered certainly has depths that we don't understand. Nature is a magnificently complex jumble of patterns composed of chaos, and we cannot separate ourselves from it.

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